Lego Block Coffee Mug

  • $9.95


Do you like playing with your coffee mug?  How about this amazing coffee mug that will let you add your favorite blocks to it.  


  • Material: food grade nontoxic plastic
  • A cup comes with a bag of accessories (3-4 random blocks, but you're welcome add you own!).
  • There are standard interfaces on cup's body and handle. You simply choose blocks that you like, stand them on it and create the unique mug cup.
  • This cup is compatible with LEGO, PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, KRE-O and K'NEX, etc. buliding blocks.
  • Capacity: about 350 ml (12 fl oz)

Note: This product can withstand 100 degrees centigrade, but can not be put in microwave and dishwasher.  Please wash it by hand!



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