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Direct Selling Opportunities Book

  • $9.00

This special pamphlet written by Bradley Trede  of Revenue growth Masters, outlines 15 direct selling, MLM, marketing opportunities that he spent hundreds and thousands of dollars investing in it to see if they would work or not.

This 20 Page pamphlet outlines 15 of the most popular opportunities that people  have tried out in 2018. These opportunities have Pros, cons, and an overall opinion on whether or not it is worth it.  

While some people have justified $100 for this amount of information given all the money That Bradley spent out of his own money to try all of these opportunities.   originally priced at $21 each, we are dropping this down to simply $9. If $9 is too much money to spend on this information, then go out and waste your hundreds of dollars of trying a marketing company that may not work and then be out of $100.

We are only providing a limited number of copies available. When these copies are sold out, they will no longer be available!

Get yours while you can!

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