Bacon Jr. Fugly Freshener

  • $12.50

Some of us cannot start the day without coffee or for that matter, bacon. As you go about your day, just think of this cute little piglet and remind yourself that some day he or she may be on your plate. Just remember PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals)


Reward your senses with a fresh new take on an old classic. Say “bye-bye” to cookie cutter pine trees and “hello” to an air freshener you will be proud to put on display. Uses range from your vehicle to that stale gym locker and they make great gifts as well!


• Comes in 3pc Pack

• Double Sided Print

• Comes With Elastic String For Hanging

• Individually Packaged

• Scent Lasts 2-6 Weeks Depending on Use and Environment

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