St. Baldrick's Free Mug Donation


Hello friends and fans:

Last year I was invited by my local town’s Mayor to participate in this wonderful event that he's held for the last couple years raising money for this wonderful organization called the St. Baldrick's Foundation.   This wonderful organization helps collect funds through donations to help fund cancer research for childhood cancers as well as provide local grant money for local support and services.

I really enjoyed the outpouring support from last year's event, that I decided to not only try to raise donations as an individual, but also grab some extra opportunities as a business to help generate some additional donations to this wonderful organization.

As you will find in our most recent blog post, we are now offering a round up at the end of your order where let's say your order is $8.95, you can Round Up to $9 even by taking that extra $0.05 and donating it to this wonderful organization.

Coming up on April 28th I will have the opportunity to participate in this local fundraiser in which it's called Shave The Mayor (;  where over 150  people volunteer to have their heads shaved and raise money and stand by all these children that have to go through this horrific situation.

I'm looking for some wonderful people that would like to help me raise my goal of $1,000.   For every $25 that you donate to my campaign page which I will link below, we will provide you a voucher for a free mug up to a $10 value!   

So who's in for a win/win opportunity.  Everyone wins!

  • St. Baldrick’s wins a donation!
  • You get a tax write-off (if you’re in the US)!
  • We(I) reach the goal!
  • You get a Free Mug!

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Donate at
  2. Send us an email with your name, email address, and the amount you donated so we can verify to
  3. We will send you a voucher for a mug up to $10*!

 I thank each one of you who chooses to help!


Bradley Trede


The Fugly Mug Company

*Please note this mug giveaway/offer is not sponsored by St. Baldrick's and is 100% the responsibility of The Fugly Mug Company.  Void where prohibited by law. Customer still responsible for the shipping of the product.  Not valid with any other offers or coupons.