The Fugly Mug Company

Welcome to The Fugly Mug Company!  So how did we come up with such a funny name?  Our owner Bradley was sitting outside one day and his favorite mug had a crack in it, it was warped and he threw it and it landed in the grass.  The next day, he went back outside and noticed it was moving, but couldn't figure out just looking at it.  "That mug is so fugly," he thought. 

So before he attempted to see what was causing his mug to move at free will, he grabbed his phone, and started browsing various sites for a new mug, but every site he had been to, had the same old boring mugs and only a handful.  He decided we needed an online store that served customers with a HUGE selection of mugs and some other cool gifts.

So he gets up, grabs the mug, and realized there was a small frog inside the mug moving it around.  Hence the frog for our logo.

We are a unique online gift shop featuring a collection of items of uniqueness, character, and expression.  While you shop the other stores and find the same items, we will provide you with an offering of products that you may find far and between.  Given our uniqueness of products, you might find that we change inventory often.  If you wink too fast, you might miss something!

We are an online retailer based out of Colorado, which allows us to be centrally located within the United States to keep our shipping limited to arriving is a couple days vs. being shipped from a coast taking nearly a week to get to the other side!

We love comments from our customers.  Feel free to contact us and share with us your comments and offer any suggestions we could use to make your shopping experience better.

 Let's help you add a little fugly to your life today!