7 Great Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from The Fugly Mug Company

Valentine’s Day will be here soon and while we have a ton of great gifts, we decided to compile a list of seven amazing Valentine’s Gifts in the eyes of The Fugly Mug Company.We’ll be fair, some of you may want to buy that sweetheart a mug, t-shirt or something else from our shop, but might have some other ideas too.For that purpose, we’ll share a couple great items from our store, and add a couple items from other merchants that we think are fun ideas too!

Let’s begin

John 3:16 Coffee Mug – This great mug not only has all the words of one of the most popular Bible verses, but it’s shaped like a heart and is very affordable for just $7.95.If you are looking to not spend a ton of money, this is a perfect gift.Best of all, you can ship to practically anywhere, as we have global shipping options available! Send this to your sweetheart! Oh and be sure to check out our T-Shirt version too!

Joystick Years Mugs – Your boyfriend, husband, lover, etc.loves video games.While we love to reference these mugs to date your decade of your birthday by the type of video game controller or joystick, for the avid video game lover, this is a wonderful choice too.We also have that wonderful secret code from a classic military video game available on a mug and t-shirt too!This Joystick Years mug is also budget-friendly at just $8.95 per mug.


Capalbo’s Gift Baskets – If you’ve never heard about Capalbo’s, you’re not alone.However, once I learned about what they have – amazing gifts. Whether you have the sweetheart who is health conscience and the Fruit & Cheese Baskets would be ideal, or someone who a kosher gift would be great – this is a site that has all of that.They are a wonderful business and totally would recommend them! Plus, several of their gift baskets have FREE SHIPPING – You can’t beat FREE!

Russell Stover Candies – Russell Stover has been around for years and years.We love their chocolates.They have a ton of awesome deals for Valentine’s Day, and well…who doesn’t love chocolate on Valentine’s Day? They also feature Whitmans, and even have the ability to let you create your own sampling of chocolate...Oh I guess right now...20% Off Build Your Own custom chocolate boxes and gifts - perfect for those Valentines who like only certain types of chocolate or can’t do tree nuts.I’d check them out too!


WineBasket.com – This is a great place where we tend to buy gifts for our suppliers around the Christmas holiday, but they have year-round gifts that make them perfect for those unique people in your life!They too have some fruit baskets like Capalbo’s, but they have more on the spirits side, such as champagne and even beer.If you’re man drinks beer, this is a great place to find a unique gift.


eBay – We love eBay.We sell on eBay, but we also buy a ton of cool stuff.We know that several people love to go to the corner drug store and buy a card with a gift certificate, but on eBay, they sell gift cards, and every couple days, they offer gift cards with discounts.This is a perfect time to grab one and then give that gift card on Valentine’s Day.Whether you go for a major brand, buying a gift card for eBay can be an option too!Of course, we’d love it if you bought a gift card from The Fugly Mug Company!

So this our list of Seven Great Valentine’s Day Gift ideas.Be sure to subscribe to our blog and email list as you may never know when we decide to drop a fan bomb with deals, treats, and free mugs!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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