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Introducing Fugly Mug Company Beer Steins

Introducing... Beer Steins from the Fugly Mug Company.  A couple months back we had a special limited edition beer stein and we had such a great response from it that several of our customers asked if we could put some of our designs from our coffee mugs on beer steins.

As many people like to refer to beer steins as beer mugs; although we don't want to get in that public heated debate about the true name; we'll just call them beer steins. From this day forward, we will be adding new beer steins on a weekly check back often.  

These high-quality steins are manufactured from ceramic and feature a Gold stripe on the top and bottom. They are dishwasher safe but because of the gold we do not recommend that you put them in the microwave as you might see some sparks fly around.

Get one today!